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What Makes Print Design A Reliable Marketing Option for Businesses Worldwide

If you are going online with your business, then it's a great news! But, do you know what’s even better? Going public with your business using an engaging print media design. At times, flyers & brochures can leave a mind captivating impact rather than a link to a specific post. Also, there is a chance that a person might avoid clicking a link on a website, afraid that it turns out into a spam email of some sort.


It’s better to hand out a document that remains with the person. And who knows, maybe today or tomorrow whenever the need be, one may find it at their work-space or lying around in their car. Maybe, outside a market stapled to a door or on a softboard of a museum. One way or another, print media is one of the traditional ways of marketing that has been adopted for quite a long time.  


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But in this modern era of technology fueled environment, why would anyone prefer to read printouts? Here’s all the reasons you can find why Print Media prevails among other marketing strategies.


More than 80% Don’t Click on Banner Ads


Sounds strange doesn’t it? But that’s how the reality works. 80% of the world population is less likely to end up clicking your ad. It’s not because they don’t want to, it’s because they are too occupied with their own lives. Here is an example, put yourself in their shoes and analyze. How many times do you check your live feeds and ignore the ads that are popping in. However, the case is entirely different with print media since you are left with a hard copy of the ad.


Online World is More Competitive



At an average, there are almost four ads per page view. That’s around 25% chance of a click to land on your ad. Then considering whether a customer would prefer your service or not, a conversion will be cultivated. However, in case of Print Media, if someone is interested to purchase your product, they eventually will. In fact, even if they collect your brochure and does not choose to discard it, the possibility is still alive that they might consider it in the future.


Kinesthetic Observers Do Exist


There is no denying the fact that you spend a lot of your time involved in digital media. But, when it comes to making a purchase, you often choose to go for a hard copy of the sales item. It’s technically because your psychology works that way. You are more satisfied with the information which is being shared with you through a number of pages instead of a virtual screen. Some tactile learners learn the world through touch and experience of the more physical form.


You Gain More Loyal Customers


Last but not the least, print media gains an upper edge because it gets you more loyal customers. While, people who are looking for your service can evade easily from your ads when targeted through social media, the case is a whole lot different when they are approached using a hard copy. When a person delivers a brochure into a hand of a customer with a smile on their face, it can be an reassuring gesture. And that’s all what it takes to win a person’s consent so they reach out for your product directly.


Without a doubt, Internet has become a significant part of our daily lives. In fact, we interact with our devices more than we interact with people. While, Internet is a key player in winning the consent of individuals or landing a sale! Most digital marketing agencies have recognized that it is not the only marketing option. Try Print Media, it’s engaging and in the long run quite fruitful.

Creative Thinking Vitalfor a Supremely Crafted Website Design

Businesses nowadays look to pounce on every opportunity with which they can attract more customers and increase their revenue as a result. There are dozens of avenues which a business can use to market its product but there’s nothing like a website. For an industry outsider, the role of a website may look to be relegated to the back seat these days in front of mobile apps but there are many ways in which it is still one of the most important means to attract customers in hordes.

You must have heard the term creative design or looked at this phrase a number of times while looking for information on the web. Exactly what is creative web designing and how it can impact a business these days is what I will try to describe briefly in this blog with relevant examples.

Creative Web Design and how it Assist Businesses

In simple terms, creativity in any work is defined as involving the use of imagination to or original ideas so that to create something worthwhile. In our case, a website design should be much more than worth a dime a dozen as such websites serve no purpose. One can create a website through templates and it will look fine but will it be able to attract the target audience? This is the big question.

Companies new or established ones look to get the assistance of a web design agency adept in infusing creativity in the web pages they create. A creative designer needs to run his imagination wild to offer an ambience and experiment for website visitors that they can’t forget. A mesmerizing website can serve the purpose well and increase website traffic by multiple times. The functionality is a big factor and that what I am about to describe now.

Functionality of a Website: Why it matters a lot?

For a great website having all the features an average person loves to see, let’s imagine a billboard for an advertisement for a new apparel. A colorful picture offering us great visuals and depicting the product well is what can make it really appealing. Offering apparels in dull colors and making the billboard fill with text is the last thing any onlooker will want. There is no way that such an advertisement on a huge billboard will get the customers in hordes and will incur huge losses for the company.

That’s exactly what we want in a website designed creatively. Immaculate choice of imagery, perfect one-liners and CTAs and customized design to make sure the apparels are given the treatment they deserve. The wow factor is what is require from a website as only in this way it can be considered distinct and unique from all the other websites offering same apparel. Capturing the attention of the customers right from the moment they log on to a website is what makes all the difference.

Final Take on Creativity

In the past, a flash intro was considered cool enough though the bandwidth at that time didn’t allow heavy files to load quickly. That was the drawback of such animations and most designers still don’t use it even though there is no issue of bandwidth now. A website where every pixel is perfectly crafted and aligned according to the product is what makes really counts. A perfect combination of text and basic navigation along with the product featured prominently is really required.

If you think you can add something to this blog or have a question in mind, please do not hesitate and provide us your valuable feedback in the comments section below.